Michigan blueberries star in this easy Michigan blueberry dessert. Pick some local blueberries and try it this season! Photo credit

Experience fall with the flavor of butternut squash and roasted chestnuts. This Butternut squash soup recipe is great for seasonal parties and holidays. Photo credit

Who’s ready for the ultimate chicken salad recipe? Chicken salad with grapes and ginger is a fresh and crisp addition to your summer menu. It’s light and easy. Photo credit

Avocado Deviled Eggs

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Add flavor to deviled eggs with this avocado deviled eggs recipe. It’s simple and great for Easter! Photo credit

Apple Filled Cookies

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Use Michigan apples in this homemade recipe for apple filled cookies. It’s a simple sugar cookie filled with apple pie filling. Photo credit

Did you know that soybeans can be eaten at various stages? A variety called edamame is picked green and can be eaten fresh. Here’s a great salad recipe using edamame, submitted by Michigan farmer Kathy Siler and adapted from Photo Credit

This butternut squash recipe is perfect for fall and holiday dinners. A squash casserole is buttery, soft and full of fall flavor.  

Plum Dumplings

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Savor the taste of Michigan fruit in a sweet and savory recipe. Try this plum dumplings recipe. Photo credit

Rustic Pear Tart

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Enjoy mild and sweet Michigan pears in a rustic and comforting pear tart recipe. Photo credit


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Give this Italian recipe a try for a light, healthy and vegetarian dinner. Ratatouille is a great summer recipe for fresh vegetables and herbs. Photo credit