A simple and tasty sugar cookie. A very popular treat for many. Visitors have even suggested adding lemon, almond or any of your favorite flavorings into the mix to give it a little something extra. Enjoy!  

If you want to show your significant other some Valentine’s Day love from the kitchen, or if you want to celebrate your independence, then Dairy Farmer Ashley Messing-Kennedy suggests you make these brownies. They have always been a favorite dessert that her mom makes. A year or so ago, she even found out that The

Pecan-Peach Cobbler

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CC photo by ImipolexG Perfect fresh Michigan peaches by cooking them in a juicy, pecan pastry-topped peach cobbler. This recipe makes enough for a crowd and is great for family reunions. Serve warm or cold with sweetened whipping cream or vanilla ice cream. Thanks to Southern Living, we have this recipe to share.

Honey Cheesecake

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“My eyes lit up when I recently discovered a recipe for Honey Cheesecake,” said Michigan farmer Kathy Siler. Whip up this delicious recipe, and learn more about Michigan bees! Note: Some cheesecake tips: Always be sure the cream cheese, eggs and heavy cream are at room temperature. Bake the cake in a water bath which

Corn Casserole

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By Michigan farmer Maria Brown Here’s a holiday recipe my family loves, simply called ‘corn casserole,’ although others might recognize it as ‘spoon cornbread.’ It makes an appearance at nearly every Thanksgiving and Christmas meal and, best of all, calls for a corn bread mix, like Michigan-made Jiffy’s. Photo source

Mini cinnamon roll cookies are in the top spot when it comes to Christmas cookies. Some call them a cross between a snickerdoodle and cinnamon roll. And they taste like everything you love about Christmas. Photo source

Follow this homemade mashed potatoes recipe for perfect, easy and creamy mashed potatoes. Perfect for Thanksgiving and the holidays! Photo credit

Avocado Deviled Eggs

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Add flavor to deviled eggs with this avocado deviled eggs recipe. It’s simple and great for Easter! Photo credit

Put your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers to good use. Try these turkey spring rolls with cranberry sauce! Photo credit

This butternut squash recipe is perfect for fall and holiday dinners. A squash casserole is buttery, soft and full of fall flavor.