Raising awareness of economic impact of restaurants that use Michigan products The Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA) has partnered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Michigan Ag Council to raise awareness of the economic impact of restaurants using Michigan manufactured products. This is a group partnership that will be working together to

I’ll never forget my first CPR class. A fellow class member was a woman who owned a farm and served as a first responder in her rural town. When I was out of breath, tired and interested in taking a break from the simulation, she wouldn’t let me. She encouraged me to work harder, coached

It was 6 a.m. on March 31. I didn’t need a clock to tell me – my whole body knew. The whole community had been preparing for this moment for two weeks. In fact, 6 a.m. was late for some. Trucks in northeast Michigan were already warmed up and ready to drive to southwest Kansas.

Paying it forward

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 by

“Paying it forward.” Those three little words have become a catch phrase. Some people use it while in line at a fast food restaurant. Once in a while at the gas station or grocery store. Farmers and ranchers aren’t usually the demographic associated with those three little words.  However, over the last few days and

Archive Tweetchat with @carlashelley: Feb. 9, 2017 Format for the chat: 1) Intros, 2) Discussion w/ @carlashelley & 3) Ask your own Qs. W/ each response, tweet Q number & #migrownmigreat   Q1: Introductions: who you are, where you’re from & what animals you’re curious about. #migrownmigreat CarlaShelley: Q1: Hi! I’m Carla, 6th gen dairy

Archive Tweetchat with @AccidntlFarmGrl: Dec. 20, 2016 Format for this chat: 1) Intros, 2) Discussion w/ @AccidntlFarmGrl & 3) Ask your own Qs. W/ each response, tweet Q number & #migrownmigreat Q1: First, please introduce yourself, where you’re from & what you’re eating. #migrownmigreat AccidntlFarmGrl: Q1: @MichAgCouncil Hi, my name is Allyson Maxwell, I’m from

Michigan cookies

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Cookies! Just the word make my mouth water especially this time of year with all the beautiful cookie trays being passed around. A no-school snow day prompted a day of baking Christmas cookies with granddaughters. We used a recipe passed on by my husband, Chuck’s, grandmother.  It’s a favorite at our farm and there is

Thankful for my hands

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When I look at this picture I see hardworking hands…these hands have been together for over 40 years. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on July 24, 2016. Our hands were much softer looking and at least my hands had been manicured for our wedding day. Chuck’s hands were literally bleached by his sister

Virtually step into Scott Miller’s “office,” a farm machine called a combine, during Michigan’s corn harvest season. Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT Program Coordinator Elaine Bristol rode along for a while to get your questions answered while Scott and his wife Jane spent a whole day harvesting 146 acres of field corn. Hear the difference between

Video recap: Soybean harvest

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We all benefit from Michigan farm families who take pride in perfecting the art and science of growing fresh, high-quality foods and products, year after year. The Isley family in southeast Michigan was kind enough to host us for a harvest ridealong including: A tractor cab ride Taking soybeans to the elevator A post-harvest discussion